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Administrative Staff Changes and Promotions

Educational Title Change:

There are a lot of great updates and changes as we move forward into the new school year.  Let me start with my educational milestone, as some of you may know, I recently received my Ph.D, in Education.  I am very excited to complete my long educational journey.  I am a big believer in education and have spent many years studying and running the school district since my tenure at Crescent Academy.  I believe I must practice what I preach to students and adults each day.  My new title is Dr. Cherise Monet Cupidore, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools.  I will now use the following name, “Dr. Cupidore.”  I thank all of you who were aware of my educational journey over the years and supported my educational efforts; I truly appreciate all of your words of encouragement.


We have a great staff committed to the cause of educating our students and supporting our parents.  The following staff have earned promotions and will work directly with me on my leadership team.  I am delighted to announce the following administrative changes:


Dr. Tanya Adams will become the Assistant Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. Adams will oversee the following departments for Crescent Academy: Transportation, Food Service, Latchkey and Camp Program, Facilities and Athletics.  All directors in these programs will report directly to Dr. Adams.  Dr. Adams will do a great job overseeing the fore-mentioned departments and will help us improve services to our students and parents.  We thank Dr. Adams for the great job she did as the Dean of Students for 5th-8th grade.


Mrs. Erica Beal will replace Ms. Nimene as the School Leader overseeing 6th-8th grade.  She comes from our neighboring school Pace Academy.  Mrs. Beal has been a teacher for ten years teaching 6th-8th grade.  Mrs. Beal possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has a Master’s Degree in School Leadership.  Mrs. Beal is married and has children.  She has served in a vast array of leadership roles and positions during her tenure at Pace Academy.  Her parents and students at Pace Academy have highlighted her as the teacher/leader with a “heart of gold and a big smile.”  She is compassionate and loves children and always looks for ways to improve the educational lives of her students and colleagues.  Mrs. Beal believes parents are important and vital to the success of her students’ educational path and achievement.  Mrs. Beal will oversee the 6th-8th grade program.  We will have a “meet and greet” for Mrs. Beal before the start of school so students and parents can meet her.


Ms. Stephanie Nimene served in the role of the School Leader for grades 7th-8th this past school year.  She worked closely with students, teachers and parents to build positive relationships.  Ms. Nimene also led training for many of our teachers and helped them focus and understand the state assessments and how to close up the achievement gaps.  Ms. Nimene, a well-known instructional specialist in the field of education, is known for her knowledge and skill set in instruction and assessment.  She has helped many urban school districts in Detroit move from the bottom of the achievement list to becoming high performing schools.  We will use her expertise and knowledge to continue to improve the educational program.  Ms. Nimene will serve as the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Assessment.  She will work closely with the school leaders and teachers with a strong focus on instruction and teaching in the classroom, assessment results, and the educational support programs provided for our students.  Ms. Nimene will be responsible for all academic and educational programs.


Ms. Jazmine Leath has been a teacher in our Junior High program for the last couple of years.  She has built a wonderful relationship with our students and parents.  She exhibited kindness and understanding as a teacher and always had an excellent relationship with her parents.  All of Ms. Leath’s students held her in high esteem and always respected her.  Her fairness and willingness to listen to her students gained Ms. Leath a great deal of respect by all of her students.  Because of her compassion and love I know Ms. Leath will do a great job in her role as the new Dean of Students.  Ms. Leath will oversee all discipline for grades 6th-8th grade.


Mrs. Marchelle Ross served as a teacher at Crescent Academy for a few years.  She has been a school leader for the last couple of years overseeing 5th-6th grade.  She did a wonderful job leading our Upper Elementary and Middle School program.  She built wonderful relationships with her students and parents and developed many programs for the students in grades 5-8.  Mrs. Ross expressed a desire to work with the foundational grade level.  She is very excited to work with our young scholars and develop age appropriate programs for the enhancement of their learning and extra curricular activities.  Mrs. Ross will oversee the first grade program.


Mrs. April Salk served as a teacher at Crescent Academy for a few years.  Additionally, she has served on the school improvement team year after year to ensure our school improvement plans meet state requirements and render positive achievement results.  Mrs. Salk will become the new Title 1 Director.  She will be replacing Mrs. Kirkwood, who has decided to pursue a full-time career as a business entrepreneur.  Mrs. Salk will work closely with the teaching staff to ensure the school improvement plan activities are carried out in the classroom.  She will run parent university workshops to support and educate our parents on Title 1 programs.  She will also provide insight to parents on how to support their children’s educational endeavors at home.


Ms. Avis Green has been a teacher in the Kindergarten program for several years.  She has been a great teacher and has worked with our more challenging students in Kindergarten.  She has implemented positive behavior programs in her classroom to ensure students can be successful in the classroom and outside of the classroom.  Ms. Green has worked hard to build positive relationships with her students and parents and has maintained open lines of communication with her parents even after her students have moved on to first grade.  Ms. Green has been one of the most requested teachers in Kindergarten.  Each year there was a waiting list of students for her classroom.  Because we are expanding our Kindergarten program, this year we have offered Ms. Green the position of Dean of Students.  Ms. Green will now work to continue building positive behavior plans on a larger level for students experiencing behavior challenges in the classroom.  She will work closely with the teachers to provide a host of research-based techniques to support teachers and students in the classroom.



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