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Aligned Curriculum

The Kent County Collaborative Core Curriculum (KC4) is a teacher-created, standards-based, mastery curriculum developed to make the standards and benchmarks of the Michigan Curriculum Framework (MCF) and the national content standards meaningful to and useable for the classroom teacher. Each grade has several standards that are supported by the documents in a manual.


Content consists of an aligned, written curriculum for use by teachers in comparable instructional settings. This includes in-house mapping with pacing guides, KC4, resources, and best practices.


Instruction consists of a taught curriculum correlated to the written curriculum and implemented through weekly lesson plans (submitted to the administration). School Improvement, staff, and weekly support meetings are held monthly, and teacher observations are conducted twice yearly in the fall and spring.


The tested curriculum incorporates standards, skills, and pupil learning expectations at appropriate grade level. It is tied to the taught and written curricula. Student achievement is assessed by the Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP), Terra Nova test data, and Kent County (KC4) Assessments. Test results are compiled and reviewed. The data drives decisions about instructional strategy and professional development. The data is shared with teachers, parents, students and the Board of Directors of Crescent Academy.

Elementary teachers also use MLPP as an additional means of gathering student data for instructional decision making on an on-going basis.
Curriculum revision – Annual test results will be compiled and compared to previous year’s results. Our data analysis will illustrate Crescent’s trends and progress and will help drive decisions for the following school years.