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Saturday School

Crescent Academy offers Saturday School beginning September through April every year. Saturday School is a program that works with students who are struggling with their homework assignments, struggling with the materials in class, and or who just want extra help to master the materials that are being taught in their grade level.

The program is FREE and open to students to grades 2nd through 10th. The students are given breakfast every morning prior to the start of their session.

We encourage students to sign up for Saturday School because they get extra help doing their assignments over the weekend. All of our teaching staff during Saturday School are highly qualified and are already teaching during the normal school days.

Those who are falling behind in school, that is have below a “C” average, after the first progress reports are handed out are required to attend Saturday School. This will help the students boost their knowledge of their course to up their average to a “C” or better. This board policy has been implemented to offer students additional academic support and to improve upon achievement gaps.

Crescent offers free transportation service for Saturday School participants if needed. For further information please contact Mr. Ali Y. Bazzi atabazzi@charterschoolpartners.com or (248) 423-4581 (ext.214).