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2023-2024 Transportation Registration

Only registered students will have access to the bus service. Complete this form to ensure that your child is registered and has bus service privileges.

Please Note: Transportation requests may take up to 72 hours to process.


The Transportation Department will notify parents when their child(ren) is scheduled to ride the bus.  Do not send your child to the bus stop without confirmation from the Transportation Department first.

Student Information

My child(ren) will be allowed to walk from the bus to the car without an adult.*
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My child(ren) will be allowed to be left at the stop.*
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Parent / Guardian Information

Home Address

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Emergency Contact Information

Transportation Families it is imperative that you read and acknowledge your understanding of the rules and regulations associated with having your child(ren) use the Crescent Academy bus service.

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY Crescent transportation is an extension of the school, and all school rules and regulations as outlined in the “PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK”, including the Student Code of Conduct, apply to the expectation of student conduct on the bus. *
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STUDENT BEHAVIOR: This includes but is not limited to the following: Fighting, pushing, tripping, throwing objects out of the window, wrestling, smoking, eating, drinking, use of profanity or The USE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE BUS—these violations will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary actions. Students will be respectful and obey instructions from the bus driver and bus aide. *
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PARENT / GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILITY: It is imperative that the following is adhered to: It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child(ren) is at the stop on time.  *
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It is the parents responsibility to make sure an adult /or responsible sibling approaches the bus on time to physically receive your child (ren). Students will not be released to walk to cars. (If no one is at the stop the child will be brought back to Bus Depot (12 Mile and Southfield Rd.)*
Please Note: If a child is brought back to Bus Depot, a $10.00 late fee will be charged and an additional $5.00 for every 15 minutes. If the fee is not paid the student will not be allowed to ride the bus the following day.
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Parents/Guardians are not allowed on the bus for any reason without permission from the driver. Any unauthorized person is subject to a citation for a civil infraction and a $500 fine. Profanity and Harassment is not acceptable. Any violation will result in your child(ren) being suspended from the bus.*
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VANDALISM: Students and parents are responsible for any damages they cause to the bus. There will not be any marking or defacing of the bus. Parents will be charged for any damages to seats and windows. *
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