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Crescent Academy High School Reinstatement Letter

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Dear Parents & Guardians


As the superintendent of Crescent Academy, I have heard the request of our stakeholders—the students, parents, and the community to reopen the Crescent Academy High School. We are pleased to announce that the high school program will be reinstated this upcoming school year – September 2023. This reinstatement is supported by the Crescent Academy School Board, the CA Management Company—Partner Solutions, and the school’s Authorizer—Bay Mills Community College.


One grade will be added each year until we reach the 12th grade (9th 2023; 10th 2024; 11th 2025; and finally 12th grade 2026.) We are currently working with our school realtor to find a larger location to house 6th-12th grade and a building that includes separate wings for each school program, thus allowing us to continue to grow both the middle and high school programs.


We will begin accepting applications for 9th grade on January 13, 2023. Ninth grade is a delicate transitional period for students entering high school. In the fall, we are opening up a wing within our current building just for our High School program that includes a separate entrance and exit for our High School Students.  What does this mean? Our High School Students will not in any way cross with other grade levels.  The High School program will have a separate school day schedule, school leaders, and a counselor to support students in an environment that will allow them to learn, collaborate and grow together as they embark on this new educational journey in getting them ready to go on to college/universities of their choice and beyond.


All 8th-grade students seeking to enroll in the High School Academy will need to complete an enrollment application, attach letters of recommendation and take the Crescent Academy entrance examination.  Students applying to our High School Academy who are accepted will receive their acceptance letters in February and we will celebrate their acceptance in a small ceremony with their parents.


Again, we are honored to have obtained this goal, which will assist with our mission of making sure students are ready for college, creating 21st-century leaders, and developing mindsets that are globally competitive. This is an exciting time for Crescent Academy and I encourage you to follow us to the next steps.


Dr. Cherise Monet Cupidore, Ph.D.

School Superintendent