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Elementary School

Upon walking in the doors of our elementary classroom at Crescent Academy, you’ll find a learning environment that emphasizes the growth and creativity of young minds. Literacy instruction takes the spotlight as students begin to progress from emergent to fluent readers. Each day is filled with a mixture of literacy activities that will have students engaged in phonics, comprehension, word recognition, vocabulary, and oral language.

The progression first graders make as readers throughout the course of the year is astounding! However literacy is not the only academic strides made in our elementary department. Students are actively engaged in many hands-on activities in math, science, and social studies. From measuring each ingredient necessary to complete a Thanksgiving feast to studying the growth of a plant in varying soil – students are learning first hand what it takes to be a mathematician and a science expert. Socially, first graders are coming in to their own, making the transformation into independent, self-motivated learners. Those same learners are given the opportunity throughout the school year to experience service learning first hand via an ongoing partnership with a local retirement community.

Through that partnership, students are experiencing core-democratic values while giving back to others. Whether it is a song, a smile, or a simple “hello,” our elementary students at Crescent Academy are learning that there is much more to school than “reading, writing, and arithmetic.”