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Staff Contact Information

Name Title Email Address
Dr. Cherise Cupidore Superintendent [email protected]
Dr. Tanya Adams Deputy Superintendent [email protected]
Stephanie Jackson Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment [email protected]
Michelle Sanders Student Support Director [email protected]
Kecia White Exec. Admin. Assistant/Compliance [email protected]
Pamela Ford Enrollment and Marketing Director [email protected]
Camila Fowler PK Director/Assistant Principal [email protected]
Irene Green K-1 Principal [email protected]
Taquish Smith 2-5th Principal [email protected]
Donna Gaines 2nd-5th Dean [email protected]
April Salk
6-8th School Leader [email protected]
Donnell Harlin 6th-8th School Leader [email protected]
Brian Hollowell 9th-12th School Leader [email protected]
Chioke Bracy 6th-8th Dean [email protected]
Amanda Bailey District Technology Coordinator [email protected]
Rasahn McCombs District Coordinator of Support Services [email protected]
LaTonya Stokes Transportation Director [email protected]
Anaysor Bethel Latchkey Director [email protected]
J. Pierce Dir. of Building Engineering & Facilities [email protected]
Ashlee Hampton Athletic Director [email protected]